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The Desabafo Social was born from the desire to transform reality through structured and intentional actions , always working in the area of Human Rights of Children and Youth, Communication and Education .We operate on a national scale strengthening youth participation.

Created in 2011 by Monique Evelle , the Social Desabafo is located in Salvador ( BA ) , but has young employees spread across thirteen Brazilian states seeking ways to create spaces for debates , involving schools, communities and institutions to promote the culture of human rights , encourage and stimulate the involvement of young people in social causes and support the development and creation of new initiatives designed by young people.

The work of the Desabafo Social happens in the physical setting through courses , workshops, lectures and participation in events . And in the digital landscape through this collaborative platform , Radio Web program and the Interdisciplinary Study Group . We invest in popular education through educational and collective intelligence , through the use of new information technologies and communication , using its own methodology .

The founder of Desabafo Social was among the 25 most influential black of the Brazilian Internet , the site ‘blogueiras negras’ and left in the list of top 30 women with promising future for the magazine Claudia and MdeMulher Portal , Editora Abril . And , for our happiness , in March 2014 the Desabafo took the protagonism of Youth Award by the Brazilian Association of Judges , Prosecutors and Public Defenders of Children and Youth.

Mission :

Ensure alternative practices of human rights education and communication

View :

Become a reference in human rights education and communication with political influence , inspiring and empowering people.

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